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With regard to closings or delays the studio for bad weather, we make that decision individually based on the weather in our immediate area.  


We understand that we have students from many different parts of the area, we always want you to be safe and make the best judgment for your travel.  If the decision is made to close or delay opening the studio, we provide notification using the following 4 different methods:


  1. Robocall: You will receive a call that will generate from Chattanooga, TN.  If you see a call from Chattanooga, TN on your phone it will most likely be us letting you know we are closing the studio.

  2. Email:  An email will be sent out to all parents that have students which have class that day. We use the email address provided in the parent portal (Please check to make sure it is correct).

  3. Website: We will post it on the front page of the website as soon as possible.

  4. Adrenaline Facebook: We will post the closing or delay

Again, please use your best judgement if we remain open.  We understand that different areas may experience different conditions.  Be safe at all costs.

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