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Autumn Miller

Dance Instructor

Classes Instructed:

Hip Hop


Autumn has been dancing for 13 years and has spent 6 of those years at Adrenaline. She was a part of the Adrenaline RUSH competition team for the first season then joined joined Morton’s Dance team, earning an 8x national title and 2x world champion title. She has taken classes from well-known choreographers such as; Konkrete, Fefe Burgos, George Jones, Zuleka Diamond, James Marino, Deshawn De Prince, Nat Bat, Ysabelle, Gabriel Ash, Lyle Beniga, Dexter Carr, J Blaze, Julian Deguzman, and many more.

She has competed on the World of Dance competition stage as well as countless others, earning awards such as; 5 star elite, platinum, diamond, judges and solo awards. She’s studied and learned all styles of dance including; ballet, contemporary, jazz, tap, breakdance, and hip hop. Even though she is passionate about dance, Hip Hop has always been her calling. She enjoys enlightening and portraying her love for dance onto others. She is ecstatic at the opportunity to not only teach but train with the students at the studio.

Autumn Miller
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