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Kim Linthicum

Founder / CEO

Classes Instructed:




Kim, along with her husband Pete and her children, founded Adrenaline Dance of York in the fall of 2013 and officially opened its doors January of 2014. As a business owner and mother of two, she understands and values the importance of creating a safe space where all can feel loved, create friendships, and be challenged to reach for the stars through dance.

Kim took dance lessons in her youth, having an opportunity to study ballet at the Peabody Institute in Baltimore. She also studied Ballet and Jazz during her college years. She holds a bachelor’s degree in legal studies from University of Baltimore and a Project Management Certificate from Penn State University. Over the years, she has worked with children as a teacher, athletic coach, and Mom. She has been a proud sponsor for Miss Pennsylvania, Distinguished Young Women, The Belmont Theater, Dallastown High and Middle School Musical Theater, Suburban High and Middle School Musical Theater and Central High School Musical Theater.

Kim has had a lifelong passion for the arts, particularly dance and helping kids reach their full potential and chase their dreams. Learning from life lessons, leaving room for new experiences, and surrounding herself with amazing staff has been the framework in pursuing Adrenaline's fullest potential. Her passion in running a dance school is fueled by the opportunities of developing healthy, strong, and loving characteristics in each student. Kim believes it’s important to recognize the gift and passion inside of every child and wants to bring it out and show the world what their capable of. She believes everyone can become the dancer & best version of themselves. She can’t wait to see who the next star is going to be!

Kim Linthicum
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