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Lilliana Koicuba

Dance Instructor

RUSH Team Coach

Classes Instructed:

Acro ~ Contemporary ~ Hip Hop


Queen Street


Lilliana has been dancing since the age of 5 and is her biggest passion in life. She has had formal training in many styles of dance, but her favorites are Hip Hop and Contemporary.

Lilliana came to Adrenaline her senior year of high school and joined the Adrenaline RUSH Dance Team. She quickly became a judge’s favorite and won many awards. While she was only on the dance team for her last year, she stayed involved in the studio and is now a teacher and competition coach.

When Lilliana graduated high school, she continued to train and take class to further her skills as a dancer. She has danced at many conventions such as Monsters of Hip Hop, Excel in Motion, Artist Simply Human, Buildabeast, Titans, and Turn It Up. She has received scholarships from two of the conventions.

Lilliana also travels to the New York and New Jersey area to take class from artist such as Jojo Gomez, Dana Alexa, Kaycee Rice, Sean Lew, and more. Lilliana loves to dance for the camera and is constantly learning from choreographers or creating her own choreography to produce videos to share on her social media.

Lilliana is so excited to be a part of the Adrenaline family. She hopes to share the love of dance and the impact it can have on someone's life with all her students.

Lilliana Koicuba
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